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Our locator technology has been helping people build some of the best looking high-traffic locators on WordPress sites for nearly a decade.    With My Store Locator Plus® we bring this power to everyone regardless of which site or mobile app builder you selected to market your business.

Easy to use.   Easier to manage.


Select a plan below and you can have a new directory or map on your site today.

Store Locator Plus® Features

125 to 15,000 locations – supports even the largest directories with thousands of locations.   Ask about custom pricing for more than 15,000 locations.

Thousands of map views – let us worry about the map service fees with enough volume for all but the busiest sites.

Unlimited categories – categorize your locations and help your visitors find which of your locations meet their needs.

GPS location sensor – automatically detects the user’s location so they don’t have to type in an address to find places closest to their current location.

CSV import and export – get our location list loaded up quickly from other lists or create a list to edit locations quickly via a spreadsheet or other app.

Full control over search form and results layout – stylize the look and feel of the directory or map to match your site.  You have full control without needing to know HTML or CSS.

Map color scheme and element styling – want to change how the map itself looks?  Our advanced options allow you to tailor the map to not look like every other map.

Feature locations – put the best locations first or highlight them to make them stand out.

Scheduled CSV imports – need to update locations on a regular basis from an external data source?  We’ve got you covered.

Advanced reporting  – see where people are looking for your locations and how well your current locations are serving their needs.

Territories – set territories to filter results to those that service your site visitor’s address.

Clustered map markers – get rid of marker clutter with cluster map markers showing a circle with a count of locations when markers start stacking on top of each other.

Focus On Your Business

My Store Locator Plus®  is a Software-as-a-Service application.    Instead of spending time managing plugins or installable software you spend time building your business.   You have better things to do than figure out why you server cannot load more than 50 locations.  Or why the firewall shut down access from all users on the West Coast at 10AM on a Monday.   No map license keys, API libraries, or query limits.

Let us worry about those things.    We’ll make sure the software stays updated and secure.   We’ll handle licensing the libraries and tools needed to make your directories and maps work.   Let us manage one of the most technical parts of your location-centric website or mobile app and you can get back to focusing on your business.

Store Locator Plus® Directory Builder

A managed directory and map builder service.

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More than 9,000 users use Store Locator Plus® every day to deploy directory and map services on their websites.



More than 15,000 websites are running a Store Locator Plus® solution at this very moment.   Every day dozens of new sites go live.



Our WordPress plugin, the codebase behind My Store Locator Plus®, has been downloaded over 400,000 times.



Store Locator Plus® is running in over 100 countries.   Our software is constantly evolving to support localization and internationalization.

Fantastic Product & Support

Works exactly as advertised, with premium features that extend the functionality depending on exactly how robust and granular you are looking to get.

Easy to Use & Great Support

I find it very easy to manage the stores and the display is very professional looking on the website.

Works as promised + awesome support

I was able to implement and configure perfectly for mobile with the exact styling I needed in less than 3 days. The client was super pleased and in awe of the feature to "auto-detect" user locations on mobile devices.

Powerful, extensible and customizable tool!

It's easy for end users to configure basics and use/manage locations.

Stay around for updates!

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